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People tend to forget that their favorite shoe brands may also be excellent outlets for standout, top quality clothing, as well as other accessories. Companies like Dansko, Ugg and New Balance all offer additional items to go along with their shoe styles to help you complete the perfect outfit. There are also plenty of products offered straight from these companies to help ensure the durability and overall quality of your favorite brand shoes.

Group of young woman exercisingNew Balance offers a wide selection of apparel and accessories to go with that brand new pair of New Balance 990 shoes you’ve fallen in love with. They carry many sports-themed and athletic themed shirts for guys that are short-sleeve and sleeveless. They also have premium quality, durable windbreaker pants to help protect you when out for a run at any time of the year. There are even jackets and hoodies for men to check out.

Ladies are also able to choose from many different shirts, hoodies, and tank tops, as well as sports bras and capris. New Balance won’t let the colder conditions bother your next indoor or outdoor training session in the coming months with all that they have to offer you.

You can even stock up on items such as socks, headbands/wristbands, hats, sunglasses, gloves, braces, bags and insoles to complete your winter fitness outfits. No matter the condition or elevation that you’re experiencing, New Balance is capable of getting you to where you want to go.

Though Dansko is specifically known for its clogs and other shoes, don’t forget that you can also purchase a material care product for your pair of men’s or women’s Dansko shoes. There are sponges to use when cleaning clogs, footbed cleaners, leather creams and restorers, and also various inserts for wearing with your shoes.

Please note that there are specific cleaning materials and products to be used for leathers, and then ones to use for fabrics.

The previously mentioned footbed cleaner, for instance, is a great way to rid your shoes of unwanted oils, perspiration, and odors. Keep in mind with summer approaching that the deep-penetrating formula of the cleaners work especially well on sandals, helping restore the color on leather, suede, fabric and synthetic footbeds.

Whether you’re rocking something from the Dansko Professional line or another style, Dansko provides with the necessary tools to keep your favorite pair lasting as long as possible.

Aside from the popular Bailey Buttons and other men’s and women’s Ugg boots, Ugg Australia offers some other comfortable accessories to keep you warm and protected. For both men and women, they offer slim leggings and jogger pants for indoor and outdoor wear. They also carry throw pillows and blankets that can add as further insulation for you as you relax on the couch or the bed year around.

As far as apparel goes for Ugg, there are plenty of robes, washed hoodies, pants and shorts for both men and women that incorporate the signature Ugg premium comfort for you to wear on more leisurely activities or lazy Sundays.