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Everyone knows or should be aware that the late winter and early spring months are a time when you can experience a multitude of days where you may encounter slippery surfaces, whether it be from snow, rain or sleet.

A good precaution to take in such instances is to equip yourself with a durable, slip resistant pair of shoes so that you’ll avoid any potential injuries from losing your footing. Brands like Ugg Australia, Dansko and Clarks offer plenty of quality shoes and boots that will definitely keep you upright when walking outside.


Dansko may be known mostly for their Dansko Professional styles and clogs; however, they also have a good sized selection of specially designed ‘slip resistant’ clogs.

The Pro XP is a good place to start when looking for clogs that will hold steady on slippery surfaces. It’s slip resistant rubber outsole is one you can trust. You can also be assured you’ll get the ultimate comfort experience in these clogs. More importantly, there’s an anti-fatigue rocker bottom placed in these clogs that will never have you feeling tired when up on your feet for a substantial amount of time.

Comfort and performance go hand in hand with other slip resistant clogs like the Wynn and the Walker. They both will give you excellent comfort and stability during these rather unpredictable days of weather. You really won’t find a much better design and material makeup combination out there with men’s and women’s Dansko shoes.

Ugg Australia

Ugg has always been about protecting your feet from moisture, going back to the days when it was strictly a surfing/beach wearing boot. Ugg’s nowadays not only keep your feet insulated on the inside, but they help you maintain traction on the bottom.

Under the Women’s Ugg boots category, there is the Simmons boot. It’s crafted from waterproof leather and lined with plush wool to keep you dry and comfortable. More importantly though, this boot has been detailed with a contrasting textile shaft and equipped with a cork-infused Spider Rubber outsole for optimum traction on wet surfaces. It’s available in black and stout colors.

ugg-mens-treadliteOther water resistant styles include the Brooks Tall, which includes a plush insole and traction-enhancing outsole allow you to strut through the season in complete comfort.

For the guys there are the many boots by Ugg that feature the Treadlite by UGG™ outsole, a fantastic and still rather new feature that delivers superior traction and makes selections like the Hannen TL and Hendron TL incredibly lightweight, flexible, comfortable, and durable.

There are also all-weather kids Ugg boots for the little ones that want to enjoy the outdoors. Ensure that they’re safe with boots that also have that lightweight, flexible rubber outsole that has been specifically designed for supreme traction.


Clarks can also get you where you need to go without the worry of slipping on any surfaces with styles like the Padley Alp GTX, a boot that works for outdoor walking, hiking over various terrain, and also is good for casual walks. It’s chunky rubber sole absorbs shock and adds traction.

There are up to two dozen more slip resistant all-weather boots by Clarks for both men and women each that can easily protect you from the elements in the air and especially on the ground.