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The colder weather obviously brings about the need for heavier footwear that is more insulated and protective from the seasonal conditions. Now while some people go for such brands as Timberland Pro and Wolverine, others may stick with their favorite pair of Ugg boots.

We know you make a significant financial investment with those precious sheepskin boots, so you’ll want to keep some things in mind when choosing to wear them during these cold winter months so that they are not damaged or ruined.

First thing’s first, be sure to keep track of the weather forecast with it’s unpredictable nature during the winter. Snow is a strong threat in a lot of areas and the wet snow and rain will stain your Ugg boots if they don’t have the right scotch guard or another type of leather protector. So if that’s the case it may be best to leave them at home.

Ugg boots are not specifically designed to trek across outdoor terrain like other boots (remember, they are originally surfing shoes!). They are also designed to be lighter weight and may be more susceptible to lack of grip on the icy surfaces outside.

SONY DSCUgg boots may develop sagging for a variety of easily preventable reasons. Some people develop the bad habit of stuffing their jeans into their Uggs. This results in the leathers stretching and weakening. Pretty soon they may start to sag.

Of course keeping them dry at all costs should be a top priority, especially to help avoid sagging and loss of shape to the boots. Sagging and stretching can also lead to tearing as well. Wearing the proper size and trimming your toenails are helpful tips to avoid further stretching.

For all times of the year, men’s and women’s UGG boots and kids UGG boots will be susceptible to water and other beverage spills and stuff of that nature. If the moment arises, it helps to keep a silicon based sealant like scotch guard around to help better maintain your boots through life’s many obstacles and surprises. Applying this sealant about once a month is fine, unless you unexpectedly come across rain or wet surfaces while outdoors, then apply immediately.

You’ll also want to avoid the fake, synthetic boots not made by UGG. They are not made of the quality sheepskin and therefore they do not offer the same breatheability of UGG. Others are more prone to make your feet sweat and stink because of them being cheap and synthetic.

You can also go sockless in your UGGs. It is actually preferable for maximum comfort and breatheability.

There are many different kinds of UGG boots to consider for all times of the year. Everyone has their preference and style, but do remember that the care and precautions are all quite similar with the brand’s many products. Treat your UGG boots with the same care as you would your favorite men’s or women’s north face jacket and kids north face jacket that could accompany those boots in your daily winter outdoor wardrobe.