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There are quite a few men’s and women’s Dansko shoes that are currently trending. Dansko is a top of the line brand that fully supports you in and out of the workplace.

Dansko’s shoes are engineered to achieve the perfect comfort experience. Each pair of Dansko shoes features what they like to call “the comfort DNA”. From the molding and fitting stages, to the measuring, contouring and additional fitting stages, much meticulous care is applied to the creation of the shoes.

Then they numerously test the shoes to ensure that they will be absolutely comfortable to anyone who tries them on. There is much to love when it comes to the makeup of Dansko shoes. Here’s a list of what exactly you’d be getting from their products:

  • Leather and/or fabric uppers
  • Padded instep collar for comfort when walking
  • Roomy reinforced toe box for protection
  • PU outsole with rocker bottom that will propel your foot forward and provide shock absorption
  • Wide heel strike for greater stability
  • Leather socklining for long-wearing comfort
  • PU inner frame to reduce torque and provide further stability
  • Protective TPU heel counter allows the heel to move up and down freely while providing lateral stability.

Styles like the Men’s Black Box Leather under the universally loved Dansko Professional line may require specific material care to prolong the durability and effectiveness of the shoes.

According to their site, Dansko says that Box leather is ideal for any workplace environment with wet, acidic, or greasy conditions. These types of shoes have a smooth, clean finish that can be easily cleaned.

To clean them, you’ll want to use a damp soapy cloth or sponge to remove any surface dirt. However, you should not saturate the leather. Minor scuff marks can be touched up with a little shoe polish. To maintain the fine appearance, you should buff lightly using Dansko’s Anytime Shoe Shine sponge.

Dansko also has a Material Care Reference Guide that you can view and figure out what products to use on your shoes.

Trendy picks under the Dansko men’s label include the Pro XP, the Karl, Narrow Pro, Walker and Wynn.

For women, there are also a lot of Pro XP clogs catching many people’s attention, as well as the Helen sneaker with a memory footbed and built-in arch support.


120408249_421ad1a759_oAnother footwear brand that you definitely want to take care of are Ugg Boots. Whether they be Women’s Ugg boots, Men’s Ugg boots, or kids Ugg boots, there are always going to be threats to the enduring quality of them. Keep in mind, not all Uggs are waterproof.

Ugg has specific sheepskin cleaner and conditioner, known as its Sheepskin Protector, that you’ll want to apply before wearing for the first time. Just double check nothing is on them before applying the cleaner.

You’ll want to apply it outdoors or in a well ventilated area, holding it about 6 inches away from the boot. Afterwards, let the boot dry naturally for at least 24 hours in a cool, ventilated space.

When the boots dry, use a suede brush and lightly brush in one direction to ensure your Ugg classic, UGG Bailey Buttons, or any other style are looking good and ready to be worn.