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Where It All Began

In the tiny English village of Street in the year 1825, a fellow by the name of James Clark had a sudden idea, “slippers!”. Since this innovative idea, the Clarks brand of shoes has grown remarkably in the ensuing two centuries to create top of the line products that you can enjoy in the present day.

Clarks has registered over 100 patents in the shoe making industry. Following in the footsteps of the creators James and his brother Cyrus, Clarks has continued to lead the way in fresh ideas and benchmark technologies. The company has notched more firsts than any competitor.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREShoe Experts, Pioneers, and Innovators

Clarks employs designers from all four corners of the globe. These designers incorporate influences from fashion events, modern Britain styles, and from the 22,000 previous Clarks styles, which are all carefully monitored from their archivists.

Every style takes its shape from a bespoke wooden last, which is hand-carved by the company’s highly skilled, dedicated craftsmen. Uniquely and effortlessly combining art and artisanship, as well as innovation and imagination has led to the creation of stylish shoes that are easy to wear.

Clarks designers use carefully picked out suedes and leathers to help create prototypes that are crafted, handstiched by machine and perfect down to the smallest detail.

Clarks uses state-of-the-art digital technology to help them deliver the best possible fit to the consumer. The company also uses laser-driven technology to create 3D prototypes from digital data.

Other innovations from Clarks designers over the years include the groundbreaking Active Air underfoot and the Active Air Vent, each of which applies science to deliver fresh air for feet for every ten steps.

In 2014, the iPad footgauge was launched, using cutting edge technology to accurately measure kids’ feet while also delivering an experience that’s both engaging and interactive.

Collections and Styles

Clarks currently has 3 main collections of shoes for both men and women. For the ladies, there is the Clarks Narrative collection, which includes shoes that hit all the key trends. Whether it be stylish pumps to wedges and fashionable heels and flats. Also, there is the Clarks Artisan collection with heels and flats designed for work or play.

The other Women’s collection of styles features a supreme balance of function and style with ‘wear-anywhere’ style.

For men there is the Clarks Tor collection, which recalls the company’s heritage while also fusing the latest trends with premium materials. Durable and stylish quality shoes make up this entire collection that gets its name from the fabled hill in Glastonbury.

Another collection of styles is the Clarks 1825, which guys will find to be a perfect blend of style and substance. Made up of hand-picked premium materials that bring the shoemaker’s skills to full life.

Finally, Clarks Collection for men offers versatile styles that are wearable in almost any situation. Function, form and quality are all on full display with these selections.

You’re sure to find the style and width of footwear you need or desire with Clarks. It’s obvious they have built themselves into a front runner in offering exceptional shoes with their dedicated design work and technological pursuits. Enjoy the old English tradition in a new pair of Clarks shoes today.