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You’re probably getting the urge to get outdoors and maybe even get up close and personal with nature, perhaps even planning a camping trip for the upcoming spring months. There are, of course, many things to plan for, from prepping the camper or tent, to stocking essential foods, to making sure you have the proper clothing.


When it comes to proper clothing in regards to camping, the footwear you bring with you is of high importance. Take not just comfort into consideration, but your general safety as well. Unless you know for sure that you’ll be hiking or staying mostly on rough terrain, then a good, formidable pair of sneakers should do the job for your next camping adventure.

However, if you are a bit unsure of the area before leaving, it may not be a bad idea to pack some boots like the Timberland Pro Boondock, a water resistant boot with toe caps to increase abrasion resistance.

To avoid injuries from the toughest compression and impaction that your feet may encounter, these composite safety toe boots provide superior protection without the weight of a steel toe and the fiberglass shank provides structural support. More Timberland boots for camping include the Helix and the Titan Oxford.

Of course, what better shoe company to look to than Jambu shoes, the folks who make products specifically with nature in mind. The men’s Firefox boot is already know as a go-to weekend shoe, so it should make do as a perfect camping shoe as well!

Feel great and look good in this boot that has a EVA footbed, partially recycled rubber outsole, with oiled suede and burnished vegan upper, and its waterproof certified material makeup.

For women, Jambu has water and trail-ready shoes like the Honey that will be perfectly suitable for trekking through the wilderness and getting plentiful exercise in for the weekend. The Honey has self draining and drying technology installed, so no worries if you come across some puddles along the state park trails. You’ll stay protected and moving free with it’s lightweight material and all-Terra outsole encompassing the bottoms.

Another popular selection for ladies is the El Dorado, which features a minimalistic Barefoot Design technology that creates an ultra-lightweight leather shoe that also syncs with your natural movements. It also includes memory foam comfort and All-Terra traction, with a fashionable and functional adjustable bungee strap.

SONY DSCYou’re probably going to want to avoid those trendy high fashion boots when adventuring outdoors on a camping trip. For these type of occasions, keep the Munro American and Cobb hill boots at home.

Have your shoes properly supported on the inside as well. Get a Pedag insole or arch support if need be. Your feet will thank you when tackling that 4 mile trail or going from site to site. There’s obviously many potential hazards lying in your way when walking through state parks.


Also, if you know you will need hiking boots/shoes, it’s important to break them in before you go hiking in them! Long hikes in new boots will bring on more misery than you think. The stiffness of them will not allow for an effortless walk or hike, and it could make going upwards to higher elevations rather painful.

Wherever your next great camping adventure takes you, be sure to properly support yourself with the right footwear. Stay down the path of comfort and protection this spring in the great outdoors.