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As you may or may not know, “sanuk” is the Thai word for “fun”. That is the basic mantra of the Sanuk novelty sandal brand: shoes that are fun to wear and can go with you on all your fun, relaxing endeavors.

Sanuk was started in Southern California in 1997 by founder and southern Cal. native Jeff Kelley, who started making sandals out of indoor-outdoor carpet and inner tubes. Sanuk is now distributed across the United States and in some 70 other countries. The company was acquired by the Deckers Outdoor Corporation in 2011.

iStock_000001068894XSmallThe company’s slogan has been “Smile, Pass It On!” since the beginning. The company has always centered itself around a positive lifestyle and staying loose.

Ranging from slippers and sidewalk surfers to yoga slings, boots and sandals, Sanuk is full of variety in what it brings to the table and offers you.

There are many fun and exciting collections of styles available for both men and women from Sanuk. One featured style is the Men’s Beer Cozy flip flop. These flip flops are perfect for a relaxing time with friends or for when you’re winding down from a long day at home or on the beach. You’ll find that they breathe well, lightweight, and extremely comfortable.

The footbed of this style is made from actual yoga mat. It also has a synthetic or textile strap with a super soft jersey liner.

The Men’s Hemp is a sidewalk surfer that is a popular seller for Sanuk. It has a happy U outsole, a Handmade Hemp Upper with Frayed Edge Detail, and contrasting poncho textile liner to give it it’s quality and character. Also, the soft, high rebound molded EVA footbed features an antimicrobial additive that is designed to reduce odor causing bacteria.

The women’s Donna Paige is a versatile sidewalk surfer that customers say goes well with any outfit. Available in black, grey and natural colors, this highly comfortable and stylish shoe is great for casual wear and does a great job cushioning the impact of the ground on your feet.

The women’s Boardwalk will turn concrete into clouds with its amazing support and cushioning. It’s a solid textured slip-on with printed canvas lining and the molded EVA footbed. Ladies everywhere are making selections like these shoes their go-to pair because they work in a variety of settings.

One of the many desirable yoga slings for women is the Yoga Zen, available in no less than 7 different colors. This style has a synthetic strap with printed jersey lining, along with a happy U rubber sponge outsole. Also, you’ll enjoy the feeling of the thin profile footbed made from real yoga mat with arch cookie.

There are many other uniquely designed shoes from this unique company that you’ll want to check out. You probably won’t find a more stylish brand with as much versatility and broad appeal as Sanuk.

So for those looking to let loose and embrace the lighter side of life, you should definitely go slip into a pair of Sanuk shoes. Their specially designed products are virtually guaranteed to keep you smilin’ and stylin’ through all the exciting things that life has to offer.

Don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Let Sanuk take you there starting today!