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Brooks Sports is an American running company that specializes in designing and marketing high performance men’s and women’s running shoes, apparel, and other accessories. The brand is definitely one you should check out, as their unique approach to long standing quality and consumer friendly approach sets them apart from many similar brands.

14886342507_5e8f8a2b29_zBrooks is determined to bring you the best running experience possible. Through the perfect balance of art and science, Brooks brings you products that allow you to fully ‘celebrate the run’.

For running shoes, Brooks breaks down the specific need you may have for you runners, as they have several different categories to help you narrow your search for the right shoe.

Cushion Me

First, there is the ‘Cushion Me’ group, with a selection that’s soft and protective with every step and cushions you to the point where you’re fully gliding through a run. Styles to check out include the Glycerin 13, Adrenaline GTS 16, and Cascadia 10. Each one delivers reliable support and ample cushioning for those looking for a smooth and balanced trek.

Energize Me

Next is the ‘Energize Me’ group of shoes. These shoes are specially designed to optimize energy return. You’ll find them to be very responsive and adding an extra spring to each step. This happens through speedy heel-to-toe transitions and adaptive DNA cushioning optimized for responsiveness, plus a super lightweight feel.

Connect Me

Flexibility is the key word here. These lightweight shoes will feel almost like an extension of your foot as you run. Deigned to help give you a grip on off road excursions, it will help naturally connect you with the terrain all while protecting you from the tricky spots that pop up along the way. The PureGrit 4, PureConnect 4, and PureCadence 4 all fit this mold perfectly.

Propel Me

Take your performance to the next level with these built for speed runners from Brooks. Styles like the Racer ST 5 are designed for the speed you desire while providing your whole body with the support you need. Other features include the incredible responsiveness of the cushioning and a lightweight makeup. Your legs will stay invigorated for miles with these types of shoes.

Trail Running Shoes

With these shoes, you’ll never have to hold on your next run because of the conditions. Styles like the Adrenaline ASR 12 protect you from the elements on and off the trail. Featuring some of the most versatile entries in the Brooks running lineup, there’s much to love with things such as the breathable waterproof GORE-TEX® membrane and an overall amazing fit.

  • Brooks also offers running shoes with spikes that allow you dig in a little bit. An example would be The Wire 3, which brings together the smooth ride of a lightweight, foam midsole and the just-right traction of an aggressive outsole. This racer kicks in with what you need, when you need it.
  • Also be sure to explore the walking shoes offered from Brooks, as well as some boys and girls running shoes. Of course, there are also plenty of accessories to choose from to help accommodate your high quality running shoes from distance long and short sleeve shirts to jackets, vests, headbands, leggings and more.

With Brooks, every shoe is designed with a purpose to make your runs better, faster, safer, and definitely more enjoyable. After all, the shoes are made from those who enjoy running just as much as you do. Check out the exciting Brooks selections today!