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3217725879_df5304509e_zThere is always general excitement that comes from buying a new pair of shoes; however, you have to be mindful of the potential problems that can arise from a pair of shoes that has yet to be broke in.

There are also preventative matters that you can take, and they don’t all involve the shoes themselves. Keep these tips in mind when shopping for shoes and even as you start to wear them frequently.

  1. When it comes to finding proper shoes, avoid straps that run over bony areas and look for soft materials that give way to the contours of the foot.
  2. Keep your skin soft and supple. While you may think that thickened calluses are protecting your feet, they are more prone to forming an underlying ulceration or blister.
  3. If already starting to feel pain, you can take precautionary measure by applying band-aids or Vaseline to areas you suspect will become irritated.
  4. Know your feet. Certain heel heights as well as certain widths of shoes can contribute to potential blisters.
  5. Also be honest with yourself when you shop. Don’t try to brush off any slight pain or discomfort in the store as it could amount to much more pain down the road after repeated wearings of those shoes. Also, don’t always count on shoes expanding or stretching to your preference after some wear and tear. The wear and tear may end up being on your feet, not your shoes.
  6. If the foot and shoe do not move as one cohesive unit, then the movement and friction of your foot against the shoe will tend to lead to blistering. This can come from simply having the wrong size (too large or too small) as well as maybe not tying your laces as tightly as you should.
  7. Other ways blisters can occur from footwear is if you wear the same socks too often, or simply the same shoes too often, creating easy moisture buildup.
  8. Don’t leave your shoes in damp places. You want them to air out properly. This goes for new and old shoes. But you don’t want your shoes ‘aging’ faster than usual. There are also sprays to assist in the prevention of moisture buildup in your shoes.

Your feet are like a car, they need proper maintenance and support to get you comfortably from A to B. Keep these preventive tips in mind going in to the shoe store and as go out into the world with your new kicks on.