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iStock_000007686221XSmallThere’s a good chance that almost every woman in America has tried on a pair of Ugg boots. They’ve adapted into actually a very versatile style of footwear over the years. In the winter months, they’ve become especially trendy and popular for ladies to wear.

The question then becomes: what do I wear with them? Here are some outfit suggestions to help lead you in the right direction.

  • With your latest Women’s Ugg Boots, you’ll want to consider dressing up with accessories. Statement necklaces as well as regular necklaces are good choices. Also a scarf and toboggan combination could add to the appeal as well.
  • Blazers and coats: Uggs can be very complimentary of your favorite blazer or coats you wish to wear. It may actually bring a more professional look to you overall outfit.
  • There are plenty of women’s North Face jackets that would go great with your favorite Uggs. Read more about selections from The North Face down a little further.
  • A mini to mid skirt would also do just fine with a pair of Uggs. Also, tight or loose denim jeans are a solid option for you as well to go with those Ugg Bailey Buttons you love wearing.
  • Speaking of jeans, consider the skinny jeans look with Uggs, accompanied by a trendy top and fur coat. If you wish to wear thicker jeans, short Ugg boots will be the best style and provide the much desired warmth you seek.
  • Ugg boots are indeed a bit on the clunky side when it comes to footwear, so you’ll want to wear an outfit that slims your lower half. A thicker and bulkier top will do the trick for that, as mentioned before with a well insulated coat or jacket.
  • If your intent is to go more casual, consider a darker color Ugg boot to go with darker color pants. It will appear less clunky and more consistent. Bright pink Uggs may not be the best with black leggings or pants if hoping for a casual appearance.
  • With your outfit, it is not recommended that you fold over the tops of you Uggs, as they stretch and weaken the leathers faster, leading to sagging. Always consider the size of your calves when choosing Uggs. If your calves are a tight fit in tall Ugg boots then its best to not wear thick bottoms to further complicate the matter.
  • All of these tips and tricks can be followed with the young ladies in your life as well. Have your daughter looking stylish and cute while also staying comfortable in a pair of kids Ugg boots, along with the rest of her outfit.

The North Face is a thoroughly tested and proven set of products that are fully reliable to the wearer. From a variety of jackets, fleeces, parkas, and other weather protecting equipment, The North Face is a brand that has consistently brought consumers back again and again. Find women’s, men’s and kids North Face jackets this holiday season for those close to you that match their style and fulfill their needs. They won’t be disappointed.