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News for Ugg Australia

Ugg Boots have been become a cultural icon in the footwear fashion industry, especially stateside in the last 15 years. However, the shoes have tended to lean more towards being favored by women.

Women’s Ugg Boots and even Kids Ugg boots have grown substantially in popularity, from UGG Bailey Button and Bailey Bow styled boots, to slippers, loafers and even sandals, the company has been fully embraced by female consumers with no end of popularity in sight.

ugg-mens-treadliteFor the fall 2015 season, Ugg is placing an extra emphasis on men with new styles of boots to try and further broaden is mass appeal.

Ugg’s latest ad campaign, labeled ‘Defeat the Season’, is supporting its new lightweight weatherproof boots made specifically for men, called Treadlite, by Ugg outsoles.

The campaign of the new boot style merges the features of two popular men’s styles, the Hendren TL and Hannen TL.

The campaign includes still imagery and a 4 part video series that will be shown in Ugg concept stores worldwide. They’ll also be able to be viewed on multiple online channels, including Ugg’s new Instagram that is focused solely on men, @UGGForMen.

Defeat the Season will bring to life the attributes that consumers have grown to love from the Hendren and Hannen styles, such as being lightweight, durable, flexible and made with high-quality materials.

The boots also are lined with natural wool and cold weather rated to -20 degrees Celsius, along with having outsoles with enhanced traction. Harsh wintry conditions and elements won’t be a problem in these premium quality boots for men.

Dansko Clogs Provide Excellent Replacement for Flip-Flops

As far as slip-on type shoes go, the flip-flop has its time to shine…that would be the spring and summer months. For fall, you just might want to consider a pair of clogs as an easy-to-wear/easy-to-put-on shoe.

If its too cold for flip-flops, but maybe too warm to wear boots on a particular fall day, consider a pair of clogs by Dansko. The clogs have always been a popular collection of choice when searching under women’s Dansko shoes.

Dansko clogs were originally imported from Denmark and were an idea of husband and wife team Peter Kjellerup and Amanda Kellup in the 1980’s to take the contemporary style of clogs (combination of leather and synthetic materials, rounded, closed toe, enclosed heel, “rocker bottom” outsoles), and make it their own.

The popular brand now has a variety of styles to choose from, in a variety of colors and sizes as well. The Dansko makeup and style of clog has been imitated on numerous occasions but none could stand up to the success and overwhelming popularity of their clogs.

Dansko clogs will be sure to win your heart with their eye-catching patterns and styles on the outside and soothing comfort on the inside.

Of course Dansko is known for more than clogs, from the Dansko Professional line to its selections of boots, you can have plenty of variety to your closet with the reliable shoe brand.