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For decades the Ecco shoe brand has been an innovator and eye-catcher on the shoe market. Offering quality products such men’s and women’s boots, loafers, golf shoes, fitness, outdoor and casual styles, Ecco has been a name consumers could trust for quite a while.

21920554478_eaef86e09c_zThe functional, comfortable Ecco shoes that you’ve come to love have been around since the 1970’s , when an aspiring entrepreneur by the name of Karl Toosbuy was able to make his dream a reality.

Wanting to run his own shoe factory and run his own business, he trained as a shoemaker from en early age, gradually rising up through the ranks until he suddenly decided in his early 30’s to abandon his security of a regular job and move to Denmark.

With his wife and five year old daughter he bought a small house and took over an empty factory that was built by the local community.

Remaining committed to his goal, he started out in 1963 with a team of just 16 other people and one market to sell to.

Along with his small team , they created a range of innovative products along with pioneering new production methods. Karl Toosbuy always challenged him and his team to do things better, quicker and different. This philosophy has been carried on to the present day.

Karl also became the first shoemaker to realize that shoes had to be made to fit the foot, which of course broke up years of shoe making tradition. This new, fresh style was an instant success as the 1970’s came along.

Today Ecco has grown substantially to cover over 50 different markets and the global Ecco family includes over 17,000 members. Ecco provides its customers with high quality, reliable and stylish comfort and believes in developing a really strong bond between customers, employees, and the brand itself.

Ecco believes in affordable luxury: high quality shoes at sensible, affordable prices. Their tremendous passion for shoe-making is unmatched in the current business. Extremely close attention to detail is a top priority for a company that operates its own tanneries and factories and stays in complete control of its output.

Ecco explains that Scandinavian lifestyle is defined by being balanced and active, and with them using that approach to the makeup of their shoes, they have created shoes that are softer, suppler, lighter, and more like the actual foot.

Ecco has consistently been exploring new ways to make their shoes lighter, more flexible and stronger. They have been able to accomplish this through traditional handcrafting methods with leading technologies, called Direct Injection. Thus, they have created a surplus of products that are more accurate to the shape of people’s feet.

Ecco even has been producing leather since 1986 as the Ecco Leather Group, which has been comprised of four production units in The Netherlands, Indonesia, Thailand and China. 85% of Ecco’s leather consumption is produced at Ecco’s own tanneries.

You’ll find that the company’s shoes match the natural motion of your feet and you’ll never be bothered by them as you walk throughout the day. You’ll make it from one place to the other with complete ease and confidence.