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Whether at the professional level or down to a more casual level, all golfers know there are the basic equipment necessities: clubs, bags, balls, gloves, apparel, and perhaps most importantly, golf shoes. While not required to wear out on the golf course, many people prefer them over any other type of shoe.

You can choose from many different styles of shoes for golf. The big name brands that almost all the pros put their faith in are Nike, Footjoy, Adidas, Puma, and Ecco.

When shopping for these shoes, keep in mind that the bigger chain stores will often times carry the lower end models, while the golf pro stores and most online retailers will have higher end models for you to choose from.

Putting extra pressure on your feet will occur when playing almost any sport, so you’ll want to make sure that with your golf shoes that you’re trying them on before buying to fully know that they will be up to the task of supplying your feet with comfort, flexibility, and protection.

You want to make sure that your golf shoes are not too tight or too loose on your feet when trying them on. Your feet should not have room to slip around when walking. You should also not experience much lift with the heel area.

20846656459_eb7a958afa_zBeing stable is an absolute must when taking golf swings. It can be potentially dangerous and harmful to your body if you are not fitting right in your shoes and you’re thrown off balance. When you are mid swing, you’ll want to eliminate the action of your foot swiveling inside your shoe as it can throw off your stance, potentially making you fall or twist an ankle.

You’ll also want to take a look at what material the shoe is made from. For instance, leather has been known to withstand use longer, along with generally being more comfortable for most people. Consider some leather treatment lotion so that you can protect them from the wear and tear of the conditions on the course.

A common question with golf shoes is,”why do they have spikes on the bottom?” The answer is that the spikes help to plant your feet throughout the entirety of the swing to avoid slipping. Many shoes have plastic, replaceable spikes on the bottom. These are what you’ll want to stick with, as metal spikes can damage the greens on the course.

The cost of golf shoes can range anywhere from $50 to over $200. You can always base the amount your willing to invest in them on how often you’ll be playing over the course of a year. However, they are just that: an investment. You want shoes that will last a long time and continuously provide you with substantial quality.

A round of golf that covers 18 holes typically takes close to 4 hours to complete, with hills, water and sand all along the way. Support yourself with a quality, dependable pair of golf shoes as the current season draws to a close and you start prepping for next season.